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Carpet Cleaning Services Across the GTA

Carpet cleaning services Toronto uses Eco-friendly cleaning products for residential and commercial cleaning services with fresh hot water extraction and high pressure deep steam cleaning system helps to remove the all deep down dirt, grit, soil and stains from your wall to wall broadloom. Our residential and commercial cleaning process helps to extend the life of your carpet and restores its originality. By using high pressure deep steam Toronto carpet cleaning system and powerful vacuumed section helps to remove the all deep down dirt, allergens, dust mites, bacteria and oily stains form your carpet. Most rugs we wash in our plant. We have a free pick up and drop off facility.


Deep steam cleaning and hot water extraction is strongly recommended by the carpet manufacturers due to its uniqueness. This cleaning process does not leave any residue and chemicals in your broadloom and your broadloom looks more beautiful and longtime clean. Same as our regular cloths we clean with fresh water in laundry where we use plenty of fresh water for cleaning and rinsing. Same the carpet require a high pressure fresh water steam cleaning. This cleaning system does not damage the carpet under pad and floor.

Dry Method (Not Recommended)

This method didn’t help to remove the deep down dirt and you can’t get through cleaning with dry cleaning or foam methods. When you are looking for the best carpet cleaning services method always use steam cleaning system. Not dry cleaning system. It will not help to remove the deep down dirt from your carpet. Your carpet surface may look clean but it does not mean your carpet clean thoroughly and deeply. When you start using your floor you will find the deep dirt start coming up and your carpet start looking dirty quickly. It may leave the chemicals and residue in the broadloom and does not remove deep dirt completely without using high pressure steam cleaning. Grooming your broadloom with Rotary Machine damages the fiber of your carpet and somehow ruins the pile. Always stay away from carpet dry cleaning methods.

Steam cleaning is the only way to remove the deep down dirt, allergens, soap and does not cause any mold or mildew problems in your broadloom due to the powerful vacuumed pressure built in the cleaning system.

Our Process

Our Seven Steps Cleaning Process.  (Clean Carpet, Clean Life, Healthy Environment).

1. Pre- Inspection
2. Spot Cleaning
2. Pre-Treatment by using Eco-friendly cleaning agents.
3. Sanitation
4. Pet Odor Treatment
5. High Pressure Deep Steam Cleaning By using Fresh Water
6. Stain Guard Treatment
7. Post Inspection

 Broadloom Protector

Protect your carpet with our Exclusive protector.
We strongly recommend our Exclusive carpet protector after the residential and commercial cleaning service. Our broadloom protector helps to increase the life of your carpet and protect it from soil, grit, stains and wear and tear. Whenever you clean your broadloom professionally don’t hesitate to apply Teflon guard. It save your investment and increase the life of your broadloom. If your carpet is treated with teflon guard, it is easy to remove the all stains and soil while it clean professionally and your carpet looks beautiful.

 Broadloom Care Tips!

Proper maintenance of your broadloom on regular basis will increase the life of your broadloom.

1. Vacuuming:
Vacuum your floor thoroughly on regular basis, at least once in a weak. If you have pets at home, vacuum your floor twice a week. When you are vacuuming your carpet don’t go against the pile. Check the pile direction and vacuum accordingly. Vacuum your carpet edges beside the base board and corner properly. It gives a better look to your carpet.

2. Spot Removing
Don’t use harsh chemical to remove the stains and spots. It may damage the colour of your carpet. Always use mild detergent with fresh water. Don’t bleach your carpet. Call always professionals at Maple Carpet Care.

3. Pet Stain Removing

If your pet has an accident on your carpet, remove the top particles by using mild detergent and water.

4. Protect from heavy furniture.

Always use furniture pads while you are placing your furniture on carpet. It helps to protect your carpet pile.

5. Soil Protection

Use door mats on entrances; it helps to protect your carpet from soil and grit while you are coming on the carpet.

6. Professional Carpet Cleaning
Clean your carpet professionally once in a year. If you have pets, you may have to clean your carpet twice a year.

7. Protective Coating

After every cleaning done by professionally, apply carpet guard to protect in future permanent stains, soil and grit. It also helps to increase the cleaning life of your carpet.

By applying our Protective Treatment you can add years to your broadloom & carpet life.

 The Following Services are also Available!

  • Carpet Shampooing Toronto
  • Carpet Cleaners Toronto
  • Berber Carpet Cleaning
  • Jute/Sisal Carpet Cleaning
  • Wool Carpet Cleaning
  • Pet Odor Treatment
  • Sanitizing and Deodorizing
  • Rust, Blood, Urine, Vomit Removal Treatment
  • Gum, Glue, Tar, Ink, Paint and Oil Removing Services
  • Stain Guard
  • Water Damage Service
  • Emergency Services 24/7

We are proudly serve all across the GTA to clean your broadloom including Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Thorn hill, Wood-bridge, King City, Aurora, New market, Klein burg, North York, Etobicoke, East York, Beaches, Maple, Markham, Union ville, Oak ridges, Bolton, Brampton, Mississauga, Oak ville, Milton and Bradford, Ontario, providing the professional carpet cleaning services.